Thank you to Adgistics ( for this blog on work experience.

Here at Adgistics, one of our motivations is to give back to our society. We’ve found that the best way to truly make an impact is by sharing our knowledge, experience and skills. Therefore, the whole company now participates in work placement schemes. These schemes provide young students with a supportive environment to gain in-depth hands on experience and our team to grow and sharpen their expertise through teaching and mentoring.

We chose to work with The Leigh UTC , which looks to provide its students with relevant real world experience through work placements and hands on learning. The reason we teamed up with Leigh UTC was because we were impressed with their progressive and practical outlook on education and how they aim to prepare young people for the working world and not only to survive but to thrive. The UTC’s vision is to be a ‘distinctive education provider for outstanding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning.’ Their aim is to develop the ‘next generation of ‘world class’ engineers by inspiring them passionately through a diverse curriculum.’ Their ethos on education enables their students to continue learning whilst working in a modern office environment, providing them with the opportunity to learn both in the classroom and on the job. 

Throughout 2016 Adgistics have had the pleasure and privilege of welcoming Connor into our midst. Working closely with our development department lead by Chris Bunnett, our CTO, Connor has quickly become part of the team. Chris stated: ‘whilst having Connor here is primarily about giving him insight into software development and providing him with a flavour of how a development team works, it’s been wonderful to see the impact Connor has had on the team. His enthusiasm and relative inexperience, has caused us to reassessing how we go about things as developers and how we share our knowledge amongst the team, providing us with the opportunity to learn alongside Connor instead of taking processes and talent for granted. At the end of the day, knowledge is only worthwhile if you pass it on.’

Adgistics is thoroughly invested in continuing the scheme and providing the talent of tomorrow with more understanding of what working life entails including responsibilities and priorities required as well as the importance of teamwork. The biggest benefit of Connor’s success is that this scheme can be mirrored throughout Adgistics as a whole, with the company now looking to replicate a similar scheme across departments to not only provide opportunities for young people but also stimulate our team.

Chris has become a massive advocate of the scheme, saying ‘Being a software developer, we understand that technological innovation and advances will dominate the workforce of the future and therefore we want engage with young people and equip them with the tools they will need to manage their careers. Bearing in mind that the potential job roles of the future have yet to be established, we know it is young people like Connor who will go on to fill them. Today’s schoolboy is tomorrow’s entrepreneur.’