As part of National Apprenticeships week, year 10 at The Leigh UTC had a highly interactive presentation from Rebekah Shaxted of KATO.

During the presentation, Rebekah asked students what they already knew about this career pathway and some students already had a good deal of knowledge. She went on to discuss why not all career areas are able to offer an apprenticeship- this is mainly areas which might be considered portfolio careers such as acting where contracts are often short term. Students were surprised by some of the apprenticeships which are on offer!

She further elaborated upon the types of apprenticeships which are available stressing that every business or organisation will have functions other than what might be obvious.

She explained how apprenticeships are delivered and the many levels of apprenticeship, from level 2 right the way up to level 7 which is a Masters Degree.

Further information included where to find relevant apprenticeships and Rebekah urged students to consider all pathways open to them which could include University or an apprenticeship.