Year 13 students from The Leigh Academy who are looking to secure an apprenticeship when they leave benefitted recently from a visit by Victoria Lawrence of the Education People.

The group began by taking part in a workshop where Victoria ran over many important aspects of apprenticeships:

  • Myth busting
  • Where are apprenticeships available and in what sectors
  • The benefits of doing an apprenticeship- earn whilst you learn
  • Levels of apprenticeships
  • A balanced comparison of university and an apprenticeship
  • How to apply/find an apprenticeship
  • Websites/apply – need to research
  • The importance of preparation in applications
  • Remember that an employer is investing in you- show maturity, soft skills , work readiness
  • Carefully read the application criteria-an application should be well written, using the correct wording including key words and grammar
  • How to show skills- dedication, reliability
  • Extra activities- IE showing people around, representing school, participation in the recent Skills 30:30 event

Moving on, students then split into two groups and logged into national apprenticeship websites with Victoria advising each student on a one to one basis on their areas of specific interest and applications.

Many students commented on how useful they had found this session. Our sincere thanks go to Victoria.