As part of their Year 12 induction at Longfield Academy, students were given a motivational presentation by local businessman, keynote speaker and author, Ash Lawrence.

Mr Lawrence told students about his life journey stressing the importance of having aspirations and working hard. His story is a remarkable one as through no fault of his own, he continually moved schools as a child and believed himself to be a “devil child” due to his left-handedness. He left school with no qualifications believing himself to be capable of only failure. He then found it difficult to find employment with no qualifications and when he did, it was very poorly paid. Eventually finding another lower paid opportunity, Ash worked his way through and began to believe in his own value. He went on to represent his Country in sport and still has many interests in this arena.

In his 30’s Ash was diagnosed with dyslexia which explained his earlier problems with reading and writing. He stressed the value of learning every day and then went on to explain that studying leading to gaining a PhD in psychology helped him to become a successful serial entrepreneur. Ash has now owned and sold on several multi million pound businesses. He explained that everything in life is a choice and that our beliefs rule us; self-limiting beliefs will lead to failure whereas, along with hard work, believing that one can achieve is the route to success.

Longfield Academy and students thanked Mr Lawrence sincerely for a most inspirational presentation and look forward to further working with him again in the future.