The BBC School report team at Longfield Academy

A number of students across the Dartford cluster of the Trust participated in BBC Schools report on Thursday 16th March. Students have the opportunity to put together a news report, which is uploaded onto the BBC websites.

A group of Longfield Academy students contacted a Racing team and interviewed Tom Chilton, a Racing Driver who competes in the World Touring Car Championships and British Touring Car Championships. This involved contacting the team that Tom Chilton drives for and then interviewing him on the telephone.

A number of the other students put together a piece on Longfield Academy’s Foot Loose production which takes place this week. Other topics included choosing to be a vegan or vegetarian and American President Donald Trump, the American election and American politics.

The students at Wilmington Academy researched into the traffic along Common Lane, a topic close to the student’s heart as the traffic during term time in Common Lane can be quite horrendous.

The Leigh Academy students looked at the facilities that they had at the Leigh Academy and secured an interview with the Deputy Chief Executive of the Trust where they interviewed him on how education is changing.

The Leigh UTC recorded a podcast with engineers from AECOM after a presentation to all students. The interview included some very searching questions on women in engineering.

Both the Leigh Academy and Longfield Academies report can be seen on their website and their Facebook pages.


Wilmington Academy- traffic congestion during the rush hour during term time.

All of the students across the Trust recognised the skills that they had developed. They identified that it had helped with their literacy, their self- confidence, editing, communication skills and how not to break the camera.


The Leigh UTC– probing questions for female engineers at AECOM


Getting ready to report at the Leigh Academy