18 students from Longfield Academy participated in the BBC school report event from the start of Term 3 to the 10th of March. During that time, they learned how to write newspaper reports and how to interpret interviews for their articles.

They started with simple quizzes to develop familiarity with global news and used this information to decide what to base their reports on. They then drew up a list of interviewees and decided what sort of questions to ask.

Once they had a rough idea of whom they would interview, they planned how their stories would be combined into one big broadcast. During this process, BBC personnel offered tips on how to write a successful report and explained the rules that journalists must follow.

As report day drew nearer, they wrote their reports and scripted their ideas, before being assigned roles: some as anchors, others as weather reporters and the rest as general reporters.

On report day, the interviewees were questioned and the students recorded their reports, editing them to eliminate mistakes and ensure professional standards, before combining them into one account.

Unfortunately, events didn’t go quite to plan, as technical issues meant that the report didn’t reach the website by the deadline. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic day and an informative and enjoyable experience. The students were even interviewed by a Radio One personality, Clara Amfo. All agreed that it was a day they will always remember.

By Anna and Alex, Year 7, Longfield Academy.