Longfield Academy held it’s latest business mentoring breakfast on Wednesday 19th September.

Facilitated by Mrs Williams and supported by administrator, Mrs Syplywczak, potential new mentors from a variety of business sectors were deftly informed of the benefits of becoming a business mentor as well as the logistics of the scheme.


Business mentoring began at Longfield Academy in 2011 and has been rolled out across all LAT secondary academies; such is the value of engagement to selected students. In the case of the Longfield Academy scheme, year 10 students participate from the January of that year through to the run up to their GCSEs in year 11.

The mentoring breakfast followed on from a mentor review meeting for current mentors which was held on Wednesday 12th September. Mrs Syplywczak commented of this

Everyone just chatted freely and it had a really good vibe. I would consider the meeting a great success.”

Current mentor, Garry Wilkes’ comments on the rewards of being a mentor

Future Mentoring Events

A further mentoring breakfast will be held at Longfield Academy on November 9th with new mentors from both meetings having their training on November 23rd.

Thank you to all who have participated and we look forward to a further successful scheme..

Any local businesses wishing to attend the 9th November breakfast should RSVP to kathy.syplywczak@longfieldacademy.org