The Leigh UTC held two training sessions this week for new Business Youth Mentors. The Mentorship Leadership Team took the new mentors through all aspects of mentoring students.  This included safeguarding, security clearance, session management and delivery.

Hosted in the boardroom of The Inspiration Academy, new mentors took the time to consider how they would begin to build relationships with their mentees and moving forward, the kind of activities which might be useful.

By way of an existing mentor testimony, Vice -Chair of Governors, Clive Barker attended to share his wisdom:

“Relating your real-life experiences – the challenges you faced and the opportunities you took with your own personal development – is a natural way to communicate and help young people.Because you’re not closely related to the mentee and are not their teacher, you can be on their side and advise them with no other emotional or targeted motive other than to help them.”

The Business Youth Mentorship programme will commence in December and run to May 2019 with mentors meeting with students regularly each month.