On Thursday 25th April, Daniel Goodwin of Pearson Whiffin Recruitment came to Wilmington Academy to deliver a series of three workshops to Year 12 students on how to construct their best C.V.

Students were highly engaged throughout

Beginning by introducing himself, Daniel began by discussing the purpose of a C.V explaining to students that they should see it as a sales brochure for themselves.

Discussions continued with looking at the top 10 things that should, or should not be on a resume.

Daniel then showed students an informative video which can be seen here

Moving on, students studied and commented on three differing pre-prepared C.Vs in relation to good and bad points. He recommended students using the professional social media platform, Linkedin, to develop  their profile and warned against having any unsuitable content on any such medium.

Post the workshops, students were offered follow up support to help hone their CV’s.

Sincere thanks to Daniel for attending and to all students who were highly engaged throughout.

Students picking out bad points in a C.V