Year 11 students at Strood Academy will all have the opportunity to attend a highly interactive workshop on C.V writing. The first such workshop took place on the 8th of November and was very well received by the first group of 35 students.

What should be included?

During the workshop, students had the opportunity to consider and discuss what should and should not be included in a C.V. as well as looking at best ways to format and present what is in effect, their first opportunity to advertise themselves to potential employers.


Strood Academy are most grateful to recruitment professional, Daniel Goodwin of Pearson Whiffin Recruitment ( for coming in to facilitate this useful workshop.


Teacher comment was:

“ I felt it was very informative and allowed the students the time to think about how to construct a CV and what is needed to prepare a good CV addressing each section thoroughly giving them tips along the way.  All students seemed engaged and asked questions.  Resources were given out and Dan kindly offered to look at any CVs for students when they prepared them.  I think that by having a recruitment company in it made it more realistic as they have the expertise of giving guidance on producing a good CV.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mrs Spry.