Years 11-13 Assembly, Friday 21st September 2018


There are many myths surrounding careers in Science, Medicine and the Healthcare sector which can often make taking necessary steps to pursue these careers confusing.  Students at Wilmington Academy wishing to undertake careers in these areas, or following programmes of study around these subjects, were given the opportunity to hear first hand about the steps and opportunities they could have.


Our visiting speaker, Abbie Tutt recently graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and is currently embarking on a medical degree at the University of Warwick.  Abbie spoke about how neuroscience was not her first choice of medical/science degree, having entered the university application process (UCAS) through clearing. Despite this set back, Abbie achieved well and was given her pick of further opportunities to study medicine at both King’s College London and Warwick.  Abbie eloquently spoke about how best to apply for science/medicine/healthcare based degrees, the life of a university student, as well as the wealth of opportunities at university, and career progression. Abbie’s talk was followed by a question and answer session which allowed students to ask direct questions.

Abbie gave me advice on how to apply to university in order to become a nurse.  She was really helpful and has made me feel better about the steps I need to take next.”  – Year 13 student.