Sincere thanks to lecturer, Laura Garcia of Kent University’s Centre for Journalism for coming to Longfield Academy to share her extensive knowledge with year 12 and 13 students.

In the first of a series of sector presentations, Laura discussed many aspects of not just journalism but the wider sector of media.

In an eloquent and lively presentation, Laura explained that journalism is definitely for those who enjoy story telling. 

She went on to explain her own career journey including a geographical journey from Mexico to the U.K and stressed the importance of learning by doing.

The many attractive aspects of undertaking a career in journalism can be summarised thus:

  • No two days are the same
  • Journalists write the first draft of history
  • The opportunity to meet politicians and celebrities
  • Covering breaking news

Laura showed students a number of interesting videos including vlogs by previous students and one from a Labour Party event with Jeremy Corbyn and BBC reporter Laura Kuenssberg.

She elaborated upon T.V production and talked about KM T.V, the University’s own T.V company and freedom of the press- something that the U.K is fortunate enough to have unlike her native Mexico.

Laura also spoke about how to spot fake news and the “echo chamber” that leads to its distribution giving students the advice to fully examine stories before sharing on social media.

This led to a discussion on ethics and media law.

Discussing the function of journalism


Laura finished her presentation by explaining the media and journalism courses offered by the University of Kent.

Thank you to Laura for a most enlightening presentation.