Students in post 16 and year 11 at Wilmington Academy attended two virtual assemblies on careers in sport by Andy Speed of UCFB last week. 

Andy stressed the importance of the sports industry to the UK economy and that this sector, going forward, will provide a huge range of employment opportunities.

Some 450,000 in the UK are employed within the wider sports industry which is 25% of all of those working in the industry across Europe. 40% of those working in the sector in the UK have completed tertiary education such as University.

The list of types of roles within the industry is extensive

Giving an example of where the sports industry is a growth sector, Andy went on to elaborate upon the growth of Ladies Football and female sport in general; again, there will be significant job opportunities provided by this growth.

When asked about the types of skills and work experience that young people need to enter this sector, Andy’s answer was that it is all about people and people skills; do not be bland! Communication skills are important as is being able to prove aptitude and the ability to diversify. He advised that students should perhaps have an interest in more than one sport and perhaps at different levels and areas. An example of this might be an interest in management for one sport and equipment for another.

Thank you to Andy and UCFB for an interesting presentation.