Ms Vigille, Business Studies Teacher, writes

“On Friday 7 th October, a group of Year 12 students travelled up to the City of London to attend a ‘Careers in the City’ event.  After an interesting journey (in which we managed to walk past the building, which was huge!), we cleared security and went through to the event which was held in a beautiful building where the students were allowed to have sweets, drinks and stress balls!

The event started with the students being moved to sit with others from a different school. They then had to stand up and introduce each other. They had to do this in a professional way, as if they were presenting to a group of executives. Our students were excellent at doing this and they all exuded confidence and personality. This was followed by a session in which they learned more about the workings of the City and the types of roles that might be available. There was an opportunity for students to do a role play in front of everyone and to play the roles of Investor, Business Owner and Business Adviser and to decide whether to invest in the others’ business. True to form our students were the ones that volunteered and did the role play. I was so proud of them!

There were group activities which had to be presented back to each other and then they had to prepare questions to ask the business people they were going to interview. They interviewed staff from areas including Payroll, Accounts and Learning and Development. The interview process provided a real insight to the students as to the reality of working in the City and what it might take for them to get there. The most surprising thing to them however appeared to be that one of them was ‘so happy about everything!’ The interview concluded the event and the students went home ready to enjoy their weekend”