Last term, pupils in Years 3 and 4 at Molehill Primary Academy were extremely lucky to be visited by a fantastic dance company from London – Ilusión Flamenca – allowing them to get a flavour of traditional Flamenco dance.


The whole school were treated to an assembly that introduced the children to the sights and sounds of this traditional Spanish dance and soon they were all clapping along to flamenco rhythms and shouting ‘Ole’ in appreciation of what they saw.


Following the assembly, Tony Tonks and Lola Rueda from Ilusión Flamenca ran workshops for the children where they mastered some basic Flamenco steps and linked these together into a simple routine. All pupils were excited and engaged by the workshops and showed great enthusiasm for trying something new, with many keen to share their new dance skills on the playground afterwards.

flamenco dance



Unit of work

Ilusión Flamenca’s visit rounded off a unit of work exploring Spain through which the children studied its location, language, culture and traditions. The children developed their understanding of other places in the world which allowed them to develop a deeper understanding and respect for other cultures, something very relevant in today’s world.