Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Ginny Bowbrick a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Medway Maritime Hospital kindly agreed to talk to the Year 11 students at Longfield Academy who have a specific interest in a career in Medicine.


Ginny explained her journey through sixth form and Medical School and talked about some of the challenges that a trainee Doctor can face. Ginny chose to study at St. Bartholomew’s hospital in London (pictured above). St. Bartholomew’s Hospital is now part of Queen Mary’s University of London.


Her enthusiasm for her patients was paramount, she spoke passionately about the feeling of success when she has successfully operated on a very sick patient and given them an opportunity to enjoy good health once again. She also mentioned some of the negatives in her role.


The visual picture of Ginny in Surgery covered in blood did not concern any of the students. They listened intently and asked a number of relevant questions.


The feedback that the students gave was exceptionally positive.  We are very grateful to Ginny for spending some time with our students.