On Tuesday 27th February, a group of Year 9 students from Wilmington Academy had the opportunity to participate in a Confidence Workshop, delivered by Confidence Coach, Andrea Barker. www.andreabarker.co.uk


The workshop started with an anonymous survey to find out how the students felt about their own confidence.

  • 89% of the students said they had felt anxious or worried at some time


Questions were posed ‘What is confidence?’  ‘What is self-esteem?’ Students worked in groups, to write words or phrases that showed what confidence and self-esteem meant to them.  They then fed back to the whole group and discussed.


Students were able to watch several short videos showing people, in a variety of situations, talking about how they had worked on their confidence and how it had helped them in their studies or workplace.


Strengths and Abilities

Students were asked to think about their own strengths and abilities and identify those they thought they possessed.  Good discussions were then had, in their groups, as they talked together about their strengths and abilities and how they could develop these.


‘What motivates you?’ was the next question posed to the students for discussion.

Different students had different motivations, but a general consensus was ‘money’!

Target or Goal?

A final challenge was given to the students, to help them think in a solution focused way.  Could they work alone?  Did they need to involve others?  Was a degree of compromise needed?

The students were really invested in the task and tried different ways to complete the challenge.



Student feedback included:

“It was very informative because it gave me an idea of how to discover my career by setting goals.”

“It made me realise that I should be more confident with myself and should stop worrying about the future.”

“The lesson made me realise that team work can help you achieve more than I thought it could.”

Andrea Barker commented:

“I delivered a workshop to 20 year 9 students; Confidence to be your best, and believe in yourself’  organised through Louisa Felstead, Leigh Academies Trust.  It was such an enjoyable and inspiring morning for me, seeing the students warm to, and engage in the workshop.  They participated well, and one exercise produced much activity and laughter, whilst learning some important lessons about reaching for your goals.  What struck me was the whole ethos of Wilmington Academy, of doing their utmost to inspire the students, and find various ways to help them aspire to great things.  I was very welcomed, and nothing was too much trouble, to make sure the workshop ran as smoothly as possible.”