As part of Project Based Learning Week at Wilmington Academy, year 12 students who are interested in taking an apprenticeship after year 13 were fortunate enough to hear from two current apprentices at Coca Cola European Partners, Amelia and Sam.

Both Amelia and Sam had been students at fellow Leigh Academies Trust schools with Amelia having studied at The Leigh Academy and then The Leigh UTC whilst Sam had studied at Longfield Academy and then The Leigh Academy. 

Amelia and Sam related their experiences having now completed what will be the first year of their Degree apprenticeships. Both explained that they enjoy their engineering roles and that the benefit of taking an apprenticeship is that you earn a salary whilst also continuing to gain relevant qualifications. Furthermore, they explained that with Coca Cola European Partners, there are a number of additional benefits such as the recent apprentice graduation that both had attended- this included a most prestigious black tie event with the company even hiring a circus for its staff!

Students were given ample opportunity to question Amelia and Sam and queries included the apprenticeship interview and selection process as well as required personal qualities and qualifications.

Amelia urged students to look towards forthcoming apprenticeships within their company in engineering, administration and sales.