On Monday 10th September the Regional Cyber-crime Prevention Team visited The Leigh UTC.  Forty ICT students from years 11, 12 and 13 participated in an interactive workshop.

Cyber Crime

Working in small groups, students first explored phrases associated with cybercrime and hacking. The team went on to question students on their thoughts on what is acceptable behaviour as far as accessing data and the law- some of the answers were quite surprising!


Students actively participated in the workshop with our facilitators moving on to talk about the wide range of jobs available in cybersecurity and that this is not only a growth area of employment but very well paid.


Lastly, the Cyber Prevent Team discussed legal hacking and distributed a number of useful resources for those interested in learning more.


Staff at The Leigh UTC avidly listened to the information given and plan to cascade workshop detail to other team members.

Thank you to the Cyber Prevent Team for their valuable time.