Longfield Academy and Leigh Academies Trust played host to a number of local businesses on Wednesday 15th March to provide them with information regarding all the changes to GCSEs and A Levels. It would seem that very little information has been shared with businesses about the upcoming 9-1 examination grading changes for GCSEs especially, so Leigh Academies Trust was happy to fill the void. Through a combination of presentation and questions from attendees an enormous amount of information was shared from the new grades to IBCP at Post 16.

Feedback was incredibly positive and I am indebted to my colleagues from Longfield, Kitty Marlborough and Karen Lea, and Rebecca Roberts from Wilmington for their input on the day and to Louisa Felstead for organising the event. Those who attended are now ready to receive Leigh Academies Trust students with letters and numbers on their CVs!

Ian Hinks

Head of Matisse College
Longfield Academy