Michael Wearing, CEO of That’s Bellion Film Productions,, has recently worked with students at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy in  film production workshops. From the outset, Michael showed an deep understanding of the mind set of of the year 10 students and constraints of a school timetable.


The workshop brief was “Clown Club”- in  which a new clown attends for training but is bullied for his poor skills. Students explored the issue of bullying and its effect on young people. Group work ranged from an initial pitch, the screenplay, costumes and prop and set design. A short film was completed over two sessions with all students having a role.


Students were highly engaged and a considerable range of talents came to the fore; these are often not seen in a traditional classroom setting. Students undertook the roles of actors, extras, researchers, camera grip, sound assistants and directors. The second session saw students exercising decision making in the final edit which led to an engaging film with comedic undertones yet  highlighting a serious subject matter-bullying.


Students had a positive experience in learning a wide array of industry skills as well as having the opportunity to contemplate a relevant moral issue.
Michael Wearing commented:
“The pupils at Stationers’ Crown Woods really engaged with the project.Their attitude and enthusiasm helped drive the project to enable us to develop a concept into completed film in just 6 hours.  Similarly all the staff at the school and in particular the head of film and media Dan Gleghorn made us feel both welcomed and valued.”
Thank you to Michael and That’s Bellion for their valuable time in working with our students