As part of a full day of PHSE activities, Year 12 and 13 students at The Leigh UTC recently took part in a series of workshops on financial capability. The sessions were conducted by Kent businessman, Ian Ludlow (, and included a demonstration of annual percentage rates to help students understand the cost of borrowing. A further group exercise was a budgeting game in which the importance of keeping track of income and expenditure was explored. Students were asked to review their work after the sessions to look at topics such as how to cap expenditure and increase income.

Student comment included:

“It was really useful to learn about budgeting and how to save money.” Suzi Morris, Year 12

Ian stated, “I am really pleased to help young students learn about money; it’s the life blood of any economy and it would be like a surgeon knowing nothing about the veins and arteries of the body if we didn’t understand how money works. This has to be a key life skill taught by all schools”.