Year 11 students at Longfield Academy took part in “Managing Money-Let’s Play a Game” yesterday. Designed by local businessman, Ian Ludlow (, the game is an exercise in how a young person might budget their income and expenditure. Following on from the game, students were able to discuss how in a real life scenario, they might want to look at increasing income and maybe decreasing outgoings to give them life choices. One of the most common comments made was that it’s important to have a good level of income in the first place.

As the Leigh Academies Trust’s business connections continue to increase, Longfield Academy was also pleased to welcome Carl Lincoln ( who attended to assist Ian. It is gratifying to see that there are positive outcomes for not only students through business engagement but also for the business concerned in being able to increase their networks.

Comments from the sessions were:

Miss Huq- “Today’s session on Financial Capability was a real eye-opener for our Year 11 students. I was delighted to witness such purposeful dialogue about budgeting, responsible borrowing and most importantly as a new parent myself, realising that the ‘bank of mum and dad’ won’t always be there! 

Thanks to Ian Ludlow for facilitating – another shining example of LAT engaging with experts from the world of work. “

Ian Ludlow– “I found the Year 11 students to be thoroughly engaged in the Financial Capability workshop and there were many interesting comments from them about the ‘real life’ scenarios that were encountered in the Budgeting Game. I am really encouraged about the mature attitude and intelligent decisions made throughout the workshop.

Carl Lincoln– “Getting students talking and thinking about money is a fundamental life skill. It was great to join Ian in a practical example of how personal finance works in the real world. What’s more, the workshop got them thinking outside of the box and not just following instructions which is exactly what we all have to do in order to be successful.

As always it was a pleasure being involved with another of the many LAT initiatives and I hope that they continue driving the relationship between students and local businesses.”

Thank you to Ian and Carl for your continued support