Ross Cowan of the M.E.T.A Studio ( visited Dartford Primary Academy this week to speak with our Year 5 students.  All three Year 5 classes enjoyed a wide ranging, interactive presentation in which Ross spoke about not only his own business journey as a fitness and personal trainer but also of the story of Pokemon and the planning and journey of this popular business to the global phenomenon that we now see. Ross explained the vision of both businesses emphasising how a dream can become a vision and then a reality. Students were highly engaged throughout the session, avidly listening to and responding to the information relayed. We hope that Ross will come back and present to other year groups in the near future

Ross’s comments were:

“Absolutely loved it! Brilliant, receptive little minds just buzzing with enthusiasm”

A group of Year 5 students at Dartford Primary Academy are due to begin the Tycoon in Schools Challenge ( , a national enterprise competition in which they will start a business and compete against schools across the Country. We look forward to reports of their progress!