On 10 October 2016, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy were delighted to welcome Titus Johnson, Vice President of Thomas Cook, to the Academy.  Titus, a former pupil, attended the school over 30 years ago but now lives in Washington DC with his family.

Titus spent time with Year 11 and Sixth Form students, delivering a talk on his experiences and career since leaving. He admitted he didn’t achieve very many qualifications but never stopped learning and grasped every opportunity that came his way, eventually gaining a Masters Degree 10 years ago. Titus has spent most of his career working in the airline industry, and was involved in the launch and early years’ development of London City Airport. He is now in charge of the North America and Caribbean markets of Thomas Cook and travels to many parts of the world as part of his job.

Titus was very impressed with the school environment and facilities. He couldn’t believe the lunch menu choices and took a photo of the restaurant to email to his brother, living in Australia, who is also a former student. Titus felt that students were given lots of opportunities and was impressed by the students, who he said, were well led and managed and obviously enjoying their lessons. He had lots of advice for students – be resilient; maintain a positive outlook; be kind to yourself and others; and above all to develop communication skills – both verbal and written which he felt was the real key to success.