STEM week activities

As part of a whole school STEM week at Hartley Primary Academy, 60 pupils from each of Years 4 and 5 participated in a ‘space and inventions’  workshop, hosted by Clive Simmonds and Will Tucker from BAE Systems.

The pupils learnt about some inventors of a range of commonly used medicines and household appliances, such as antibiotics, the fridge, mobile phones and the television.  After hearing about the invention and mass production of the helicopter, they were able to participate in a practical activity to make their own paper helicopters.

 “The children had a fantastic time”

The pupils went on to find out how space exploration has advanced and how the dream of flying to, and landing on the moon, became a reality.  Clive brought along printed circuit boards from current aircraft flight control computers and the pupils were able to handle and investigate these. They also had the opportunity to see an example of the world’s most advanced helmet-display for pilots, Striker ® II.

Will, from BAE Systems, showed the pupils ground-breaking wearable technology which provides invisible power and data network – built directly into clothing.  Allowing users to connect vital electronic devices straight into their vest, jacket or belt, without the need for cables.


“Everything that was said, and the children saw, was very good, including the activity, the information and the PowerPoint.”

Leigh Academies Trust appreciates all the many engagements BAE have kindly given their time and support to.