As part of transition week at Strood Academy, prospective year 12 students heard about the career and then business progressions of two very different speakers, Barnaby Wynter and Rebecca Roberts .

Barnaby commenced the session with some quite challenging thoughts on the changing nature of work and the world that these students will join when they leave education. He related his own journey as a psychology student, employee and then successful business owner in a marketing environment. He included detail of where he had made mistakes, including failing examinations and leaving a course application too late.

Having recently returned to work after maternity leave, Rebecca told students about her early educational failings and how hard she had to work to keep up with her peers. Again, she charted her course from education to employment and then to being a successful business owner.

In both cases, speakers demonstrated the power of resilience and that failure is not the end of a story but rather the beginning- we all have the ability to succeed.

Thank you sincerely to Barnaby and Rebecca for your valuable time.