Year 5 and 6 pupils at Dartford Primary Academy recently participated in a series of inventing workshops held over two days.

Facilitated by Phil Edwards of Weald Technology, pupils utilised their imagination and creativity.


 Post event, Phil explained:

“I had a great time presenting an Inventing Workshop to a selection of year 5, and all year 6, students at Dartford Primary Academy.

We started with a couple of exercises to see how many ideas they could come up with, with the instructions that no idea is too silly (two silly ideas can develop into one really good one) and there is no wrong answer!  This is an important part of generating ideas; list as many possible ideas as you can before starting to focus on possible solutions. Too many people go straight to sketching a solution, but that fixes your solution too soon and you miss all the other crazy ideas that arise if you spend time letting your mind wander.  They were also taught to follow one particular idea until they’d exhausted all possibilities before starting again along another thread.

Next, they put both parts into practice – generate lots of ideas for a chair that couldn’t have legs and had to be made from recycled material, and then design a chair using their preferred solution.

Finally, we talked about some of the major challenges facing the world, as well as some of the smaller ‘local’ issues that they might like to solve.  This is, for me, one of the most gratifying parts of the workshop when you see how aware children are about the environmental issues that we need to address. It gives some comfort that this generation will be able, and willing, to correct some of the mistakes we’ve all made over the last half-century.”

Pupil comments:

“Mr Edwards was very interesting, he spoke about how inventions are similar to living things. For example; a whale’s flipper helps it to swim so it could help a submarine to steer. We drew mystical things, that could one day be real! We learnt so many different things, it was really interesting.”
Daisy – Bengal Tigers”I really enjoyed our session with Mr Edwards, he challenged us to think about what we can invent to try and change the world, it made me think of things outside of the box.”
Daniele – Bengal Tigers

“My experience of the Innovate Project with Mr Edwards was truly fascinating. It was very intriguing to find out how many things you could do with just a belt! I would recommend this to anybody who loves to have fun.”
Grace – Bengal Tigers

Thank you to Phil for working with our pupils and we look forward to their ideas in the forthcoming #LeighInnovate19 event.