Dartford Primary Academy and Hartley Primary Academy are delighted to announce that they have both been successful in achieving the Investor in Careers award.

A first in Kent

Careers South West have confirmed that Dartford and Hartley are the first Primary Schools in Kent that they have worked with in relation to achieving this prestigious award.

Who is involved?

All students from Reception through to Post 16 need to be prepared for life in a global community and the introduction of career and work related learning should be introduced at a very young age. This could inspire our young students and reduce long-term disengagement.

Areas of work

By developing the lifelong learning agenda it enables students to understand the relevance of learning.

The areas of work related learning that are key with younger students are developing their self-awareness, their self-determination and their self-improvement as a learner.


Transitions for Primary students are also critical as they go through the key stages. Decisions then need to be made on the type of Secondary School that is considered appropriate for the student. It is imperative that the support is offered during the transition from Primary to Secondary. Transitions should then be seamless and support offered at every stage.

All of the above are important criteria that both Academies have successfully achieved in working towards the award.

The Leigh Academies Trust is very proud to have their first Primary Academies join their Secondary Academies and Milestone Academy with the Investor in Careers award.