On  30th of November 2016, year 10 students were involved in a practical workshop involving cross-curricular learning in an employer led environment. June Wilkinson, an education consultant from BAM construction, ran the session with problem solving tasks related to the construction industry, exposing students to an application of their learning at The Leigh UTC.


All of the students involved thoroughly enjoyed the activity and have expressed interest in doing a similar workshop again. Students learnt that leadership and teamwork are paramount to the success of the outcomes, and were clearly able to make the links between the task with engineering, maths, science and product design. Crucially, they were able to articulate how this links directly to developing skills in supporting their GCSE and BTEC subjects, discussing the problem solving element as well as the core subjects required. Students won certificates for various attributes that are looked for at The Leigh UTC, which were presented by Assistant Principal, Carina Lindars, and Penny Matthews, who also introduced the Challenger Trust reward system.


The Student winners:

Individual effort -Miles Mulligan

Resilience -Edward Williams

Leadership -Ben Beadle

Teamwork -Reece Everitt, Michael Webb, Amira Taylor and Callum Bundock

Quotes from students were:

“It makes me understand how much maths I will need to achieve my engineering qualifications”

“It helped me to realise that if you make a mistake the cost can be expensive”

“Its given us an insight  on what we should expect when working in the real world”

“It taught us a lot because it’s complicated and challenging”

June Wilkinson, Education and Community Co-ordinator – South East ,BAM Construction Ltd said:

“I enjoyed working with Year 10 students today on the Maths Builder Challenge. The students were able to apply a range of mathematical disciplines to the fun challenge of building a Lego house. The activity helped students to understand some of the different roles in the construction industry and tested their employability skills, for example, team work and problem solving. I am looking forward to working with more students during the construction of the Inspiration Academy.”