On Friday 1st Feb, a group of students from The Leigh UTC visited the Dartford depot of Connect Plus Services (M25) to witness operations at the site which looks after the M25 and the Dartford Tunnel.

As Cintia Bailey, Communications Business Partner, explained on the social media site, Twitter:

“Today, we welcomed The Leigh UTC to our Dartford depot to have a look at what we do, including the different vehicles we use and the over-height and over-dimension technology used in our tunnels.”

Teacher, Mr Ogunrekun commented:

“Our host and all members of staff that chipped in were amazing!. The students were incredibly grateful and they all felt that they have a bridge that connects what they study in class to a real life situation.”

Mr Ogunrekun recalled, when a member of staff was explaining how and why certain vehicles approached a certain gate before going into the tunnel, and other protocols that needed to be fulfilled, a student was then able to immediately link some aspects to database management which is a unit being currently taught.

Learning contextualisation is the main reason for this trip in tandem with exposure of apprenticeship and job opportunities out there and I am glad our students were able to achieve these experiences.”

Connect Plus Services (M25):

Facilitator, Moses Ajala commented:

“It was incredibly rewarding showing the pupils around my place of work and be able to explain the day-to-day operation of how we keep the M25 moving at the Dartford Crossing. We showed them the systems and technology that support the staff and help monitor the Crossing and the operations, vehicles and equipment we use too.”