Having launched #LeighIdeas18 in early October with the company 7 Billion Ideas, www.7billionideas.com, the exciting culmination of this inter Trust competition finally arrived on Monday 3rd December. Hosted by Strood Academy, teams from all LAT primary and special academies gathered to showcase their work.

Working in small teams, 2500 pupils from the 9 academies had been working on their potentially world changing ideas; producing a prototype, a jingle and posters to illustrate their creative thoughts. One or two two teams from each academy then qualified to represent their academy in the final.



Beginning with showing students a video on how a sound making rubbish bin had encouraged a greater collection of litter, pupils were urged to think creatively to solve a challenge. Each team was given tape, string, spaghetti and a marshmallow with the task of building the highest structure possible to balance the marshmallow on.

Three teams from Langley Park Primary Academy, Milestone Academy and Dartford Primary Academy shared the winning honours with structures of over 40cm.


Competition finalists, ideas and year groups were as follows:


Langley Park Primary Academy- pencil maker/water scooter (teams from year 3 and 4)

Molehill Primary Academy- aquasorb/ the dog dispenser (teams from years 5 and 6)

Tree Tops Primary Academy- thumb purse/going up in the world (teams from years 5 and 6)

Oaks Primary Academy- phone charging jacket/crumb catcher (teams from years 4 and 5)

Hartley Primary Academy- URO healthy/helpful ice skate (teams from years 4 and 5)

Milestone Academy- magnetic ball (team from year 6)

Dartford Primary Academy – heated plate/change the world (teams from year 4)

Cherry Orchard Primary Academy- freeze helmet/shark harvester (teams from year 3)

Eastcote Primary Academy – toasty tootsies/b-bus  (teams from year 3 and 6)


Pupils eagerly set up their stalls to showcase their inventions to judges with the following advice from the organisers:

  • Introduce yourself and present your work neatly
  • Big smiles! Get your passion across
  • When you are not talking, you are still presenting.

The judging panel of Sharon Waterman (LAT Education Director), Louisa Felstead (LAT Engagement Development Manager) and Lucinda Quigley (7 Billion Ideas, Head of Partnerships) then began to appraise pupils work. Based upon judging criteria of teamwork, prototype, stall, poster and originality each judge separately viewed and awarded marks to each team.

Every participating pupil was presented with a finalists medal and certificate on the day with excitement mounting as the final results were to be announced.Judges commented how difficult the judging process had been with so many inspiring ideas to consider.

And the winners are…..

Winning teams  were presented their awards by Mrs Waterman and are as follows:

Best poster– Toasty Tootsies , Eastcote Primary Academy

Best prototype– Helpful Ice Skate,  Hartley Primary Academy

Best stall – Shark Harvester, Cherry Orchard Primary Academy

Overall winners:

3rd place – Magnetic Ball, Milestone Academy

2nd place – B-Bus, Eastcote Primary Academy

And finally…….

1st place – ‘Phone Charging Jacket, Oaks Primary Academy

Well done to all participating teams!

When asked what they had most enjoyed about participating in #LeighIdeas18, pupils answers included:


  • Sharing ideas with lots of different people
  • The challenge game
  • Explaining my ideas to others
  • Seeing other people’s ideas
  • Teamwork
  • Everything!


When addressing pupils, Mrs Waterman commented on how caring, reflective, helpful and thoughtful the children had proved themselves to be in creating their ideas.

Next Steps

The winning idea will now go on to be produced as a book to be sold on Amazon with pupils becoming the starring characters in the book. A book launch will take place at winning academy, Oaks Primary Academy.