During three days of presentations, Year 13 I.T. and engineering students at The Leigh UTC were put through their paces by panels comprised of local business people.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) projects that students have now completed included a vast range of subjects from a dissertation on stem cell research to practical tasks such as building an electric guitar from scratch. Each student chose their own project and presented to their panel on their initial idea through to a comprehensive evaluation of methodology and outcome.

Having industry professionals appraise their work added a “real life” dimension to each and every presentation and The Leigh UTC would like to thank the following:


Rob Murray, Dovetail Games- www.dovetailgames.com

Jenna Wells, Hollowells Business Support- www.linkedin.com/company/hollowells-business-support

Geoff Manwaring, Orchard Garage Ltd- www.orchardgarageltd.co.uk

Cintia Bailey, Ken Whyte and Juliet Umeibekwe- Connect Plus Services www.connectplusm25.co.uk/connectplus/

Connect Plus Services later published the following article on their experiences: https://www.connectplusservices.co.uk/2017/04/cps-takes-part-in-panel-at-the-leigh-utc-in-dartford/

Students commented: “The experience taught us to be mature in a business like environment.” Akeem Rhoden

Seeing professional faces that you have not seen before throws you in the deep end and makes you better articulate your project. Knowing that there would be business partners in the room made me prepare my project presentation more.” Gio Savva