Dominic O’Donnell and Martin Chick of the Lower Thames Crossing project (part of Highways England) came to Wilmington Academy to run a workshop with year 12 students on the proposed Lower Thames Crossing project.








Martin, as Benefits and Legacy Lead for the project, gave a brief overview of his career history to date.

Project Background

Both Dominic and Martin went on to give a background to the project and discussed some of the logistics of such a large scheme including how much new road structure will be needed including bridges and junctions. They also discussed the possible timeframe with the crossing proposed to open in 2027. It certainly is a huge undertaking!


As part of a highly interactive careers assembly, students were asked to think about what the implications of such a scheme are for jobs- and indeed, what kind of occupations would be required to complete such a project.


Students were asked to vote on what they would see as the most important roles for the scheme; the point here was that there are many important roles and that different aspects come to the fore at differing stages of the project. Dominic and Martin stressed the significance of health and safety at all times.


Our presenters were highly impressed by the students engagement in the workshop and highly valued the feedback from students.

Teacher, Miss Evans commented

“The students were all appreciative of the experience and everyone’s time. I think the opportunities created by the LTC did surprise them!”