Year 4 at Tree Tops Primary Academy were very excited to have a visit from a marine biologist on Wednesday 7th February 2018. It was a fabulous finish to their ‘Under the Sea’ topic.  They have learnt all about underwater marine life and were keen to meet someone who works in the role. The visitor, Tirzah Bottomley, had recently qualified as a marine biologist and was able to answer many questions that the children had.

Tirzah began by asking what the children had been learning about. They confidently answered what they had learnt about in class (including what the largest underwater mammal was) and Tirzah explained that in this session they would be learning more about the Coral Reef.

Year 4 had to see if they could identify various marine animals, some of them microscopic! Tirzah then explained some facts about them. Following on from this, the children had to colour the animals according to a key and sort out some facts about them. They then enjoyed watching a video about marine biology and finished off with a question and answer session. The children had prepared letters to give to Tirzah and she responded to them in an email. They were very grateful to receive the answers to the questions!

Here are some of the questions and answers the children received from Tirzah:

Q-What inspired you to become a marine biologist?

I wanted to know more about the sea, as there is so much we don’t know. We know more about space than the ocean. I have loved the sea since I was 6 years old (younger than you!) and always wanted to become a marine biologist, so I did! It was hard work, but very worth it.

Q-Is it fun?

– Yes! I work with so many wonderful people and everyone is very passionate. Sometimes it can be a bit cold and wet, and I have to do lots of counting. Getting to see so many sea creatures in real life is so much fun. The most fun bit is the scuba diving and researching.

Q-Have you ever seen an angler fish or turtles hatching?

– No, most of them are too deep for us to dive too! I’ve never seen turtles hatching but some of my friends who study turtles see it a lot!

Q-Were you scared of the sea?

– The sea can be quite frightening but I have only ever been scared at night when it is very dark, or when the currents are very strong. The sea makes me very happy so I don’t often get scared. It is a very powerful place so you do have to be very careful about when you go in to the sea and where you dive.

A great time was had by all and the children were really interested and engaged with Tirzah’s role.

Marine biologist-1 puffer-fish-2374584__340 marine biologist

Anisa Cuthbertson

Year 4 Class Teacher

Treetops Primary Academy