Mascalls Academy is now set to begin its new business mentoring scheme with mentors having now completed their training.

During a highly informative session, facilitators, Sharon Mahon and Lynn Bayliss ran through the legal aspects of safeguarding and many useful suggestions on mentor activities designed to help focus our young people.

New Mentors

New mentors come from a wide range of differing industries including business coaching and two are, in fact, also Mascalls alumni.

One new mentor, Andy Styles,of Risk Evolves commented:

“As a parent school governor I was keen to help the school improve the educational standards for pupils including supporting any other initiatives that directly impact the pupils whether by mentoring coaching or events. When the opportunity to work with Mascalls Academy as a mentor was presented to me I jumped at the opportunity for two reasons:

  • As a Governor now for circa 4 years, it is clear that the best way to understand how the school operates and its impact on pupils is through the link visits but also 1 to 1 with pupils. As a mentor I can therefore see directly how the school is supporting its pupils that I mentor and relate this back to the school improvement plan. For Mascalls one of their key action plans includes helping or supporting HAPs (High Achieving Pupils) to achieve better results.  The mentor programme is one of the tools being adopted to do this so I look forward working with the other mentors working with HAPs up to their GCSEs, to help not only the pupils but also the school improvement plan!
  • On a personal level – I find that helping students (or anyone) improve and achieve more than they believe they can is inspirational and is far more rewarding than any pay packet. I struggled through school (with dyslexia or at best a slow learner) until a teacher gave me extra help not just with curriculum but also confidence in myself. On reflection what she did was nothing more than encouraging and telling me I could achieve and it was a true turning point. I would have liked even more push and support but this, for various reasons, was not available but I can see the real benefits from only little changes. Being a mentor on the programme is therefore in some ways me giving something back; a thank you for what helped me all those years ago. It is also both rewarding and enjoyable which makes it a pleasure rather than a chore and of course it looks good on the CV, but for me that is very much an afterthought….

Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to be able to make a difference with whomever I work with going forward”

Mascalls 2

Andy Styles

We look forward to working with our new mentors.