Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy recently held it’s latest new mentor training. Ably hosted by staff from the academy, both new and existing mentors met to discuss how the scheme operates and to complete safeguarding and DBS checks.

In a departure from previous years, and business mentoring has been long established with the valued support of mentors from the Stationers Livery Company, new mentees will be from year 12.

Having taken the opportunity to network and learn, it was then time for mentors and mentees to meet…

Facilitated speed networking

Selected students who will participate in the scheme for this academic year enjoyed a session of facilitated speed networking with mentors. This is an apt new way of introducing the two groups as interview skills are one area that they will work on one to one. Other areas will include post 18 pathways and employability skills.

We look forward to a successful year of business mentoring at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. Sincere thanks to the Stationers Livery Company for their support.