Wilmington Academy hosted it’s most recent mentoring breakfast on Tuesday, 9th July. Attended by potential new mentors as well as some of our existing mentors, guests and staff discussed the benefits to students and volunteers alike in participating in the scheme.


Feedback from recent mentees included:

“Business mentoring motivated me to work harder in my coursework and to try and meet my deadlines which is one of my weaknesses. It helped boost my confidence a little bit and made me feel comfortable sharing my feelings. Also, it helped me make the decision of doing an apprenticeship after post 16.”

“I found it a great help and speaking to someone every once in a while helped build my confidence. I completed CV template work, questionnaires about self value and took part in mock interview which helped build my vocational skills. I also know that I would rather do an apprenticeship than go to university now.”

With new mentor training planned for early in September, the academy was pleased that all new guests will be progressing their interest in mentoring to actually becoming one.