Business mentor training took place at Wilmington Academy on Friday 7th July.

As the academy looks forward to its second year of business mentoring, numbers of mentors have now more than doubled meaning that even more students can benefit from this valuable additional support.

New mentor, Victoria Sheridan of The Secret Calm, commented

“Thank you for a brilliant opportunity; I’m looking forward to being useful to these young people and being part of such a wonderful and committed team

Feedback from mentors within the first year of mentoring was that 100% strongly agreed that the scheme helped to develop mutually rewarding relationships with the students and academy.

Other comments included-

“I helped to point both students towards realistic initial goals without stopping their dreams.”

“I feel immense pride and satisfaction seeing my mentee’s confidence and self-worth continue to increase as each meeting progressed.”

“I got to learn a lot about my mentees and build relationships that I hope will last.”

“My aim from the outset was to help motivate and encourage young people to excel in their chosen field.  I feel this has been achieved and I enjoyed working with them.”

“”I feel very pleased and proud to have …. as my mentee and I will do my utmost to assist him in his future going forward.”

“” … working with my mentees has been so enjoyable, I think I often forgot about the age difference as they are both incredibly mature.”

“I am astounded how open and willing to try suggestions and ideas both mentees are.”

“Mentoring is so important and more people need to get involved.”

For further information about business mentoring at Wilmington Academy, please contact Nicki King on