Three groups of students at Strood Academy, Longfield Academy and The Leigh UTC are participating in a six-week mindfulness trial designed to help with potential stresses leading up to examination season.

Facilitated by industry experts, Kerry Magdwick and Julie Murray, the first of three sessions took place on the 14th March.

Students were given an overview of how the brain works and the science behind stress before being taught a number of different techniques including meditation, deeper breathing and relaxation.

Students agreed to keep a daily log of their feelings and will meet up again three weeks after their initial session to cover other topics such as mindful eating.

Kerry commented – “I really enjoyed meeting all the students and staff and hope that everyone enjoyed attending the workshops as much as we enjoyed delivering them.  It is exciting to share such simple techniques that can make a massive difference and that students can take away and use for the rest of their lives to help them feel calm and confident in any situation.  Looking forward to the next workshops and hearing about everyone’s experiences with meditation and mindfulness.”


Kerry Madgwick


Julie Murray

Academy comment was-

“I thought that the session was well run with lots of information plus the chance to practise relaxing whilst visualizing our ‘happy’ or ‘mindful’ place. I felt the benefits immediately, which then lasted for several days. Since then, I have practiced some of the mindfulness tips, finding them useful in helping to relax mentally and physically and will continue to do so.

I am looking forward to the next session and have already bought some flavoured raisins ready for our mindful eating!!”

We look forward to future sessions!