Following on from a series of C.V workshops in June, year 12 students at Longfield Academy had the opportunity last week to apply for and sit mock interviews. Students were given the option to sit either a mock university entrance interview or one for a job or apprenticeship.

Whilst job and apprenticeship roles included that of a trainee accountant, art specialist apprenticeship, structural engineering degree apprenticeship, mechanical and electrical engineering apprenticeships and trainee chef, many of the students opting for a university interview chose degree courses in criminology.

Students were most fortunate in having some highly experienced guest interviewers attend on the day, including some from the organisations that the mock job descriptions were based upon.

Many thanks to our interviewers:

Jane Wragg, Greenwich University

Nigel Hogg, University of East London

Rob Brack, The Kiwi Print Company

Daniel Goodwin, Pearson Whiffin Recruitment

Donna Bygrave, A4G Accountants

Ruth Evans, Leigh Academies Trust

Louisa Felstead, Leigh Academies Trust

Student comment was as follows:

The interviewer gave me feedback after each question which will be really helpful when I come to do a real interview – Ben Jackson

It was good because he was really nice and not scary and he told me how I could improve because it was my first time – Rachel Wilson

It was a good experience and it was worthwhile doing – Lauren Millar

Good experience, gave us lots of feedback and paused the interview to help us to answer better.- Luke Harris

It was a very valuable experience; I learnt a lot about how to improve my interview technique and that you need to do lots of research about the company. – Matthew Adams

My interviewer went through the answers after and advised as to what I could improve. – Jade Thorne

Mine was good as the interviewer gave me feedback on how to answer questions and prompting with aspects, i.e. gave me advice to help. – Carla Martin