Year 4 from Tree Tops Primary Academy visited Maidstone Museum ( on Thursday 30th November.  They are studying ‘Ancient Egypt’ in their history topic and visited the museum to learn more about mummification and to take part in a practical ‘mummification workshop’

The journey from their academy to Maidstone was undertaken by bus, which the pupils really enjoyed.

Mummification with Tree Tops Primary

Once at the museum, it was off with their coats and straight into the ‘mummification workshop’  Nobody knew what to expect!  After showing off their knowledge by confidently answering lots of questions about the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification, they were given a large orange.  This represented a human skull and their job was to extract the brain, ready for mummification before the journey into the afterlife!

Mummification with Tree Tops Primary2

Step 1 – Make a hole to represent the nostril – this is where the brain is accessed from.

Mummification with Tree Tops Primary3  Mummification with Tree Tops Primary4

Step 2 – through the hole, remove the brain.

Mummification with Tree Tops Primary5  Mummification with Tree Tops Primary6

Step 3 –  Add salt to the cavity to dry it out.

Mummification with Tree Tops Primary7

Step 4 – Put the ‘bung’ back into the ‘skull’ to close the hole, and shake.

Step 5 – Working with a partner, wrap the ‘skull’ in bandages.

Mummification with Tree Tops Primary8  Mummification with Tree Tops Primary9  Mummification with Tree Tops Primary10

Mummification with Tree Tops Primary11  Mummification with Tree Tops Primary12  Mummification with Tree Tops Primary13

The mummification process is now complete.

To finish the visit, the pupils visited the only human mummy in Kent.  This is a mummy of a young girl called Ta-Kush.  She was 14 years old when she died c.700-650BC.  The pupils were very excited to see a real version of what they had been studying.  All pupils were very respectful and a credit to their academy.  

A great time was had by all.