An impressive presentation was delivered at the recent new mentor meeting at the Leigh Academy. Facilitated by Head of Post 16, Mr Burton, a group of interested local business people attended the academy to find out how they might become a mentor to guide a post 16 student over the next year.

Delegates introduced themselves explaining why they were interested in working with students and charted their own educational and career achievements. There were some passionate reasons for wanting to participate and most impressive life stories related. Guests came from a diverse range of sectors with several being employed by John Lewis, a business which has been a regular supporter of this scheme since its inception.

Mr Burton gave an overview of how this now established scheme works and illustrated one particular success story to empasise just how life changing having a mentor can be for a young person.

We look forward to new mentors completing their training later this month in readiness to begin working with students. Mentors add a great deal to what the academy already offers its students by giving selected students the opportunity to benefit from the advice and guidance of those with non educational life experience. Sincere thanks to our cohort of new mentors.