Pathway CTM, a company that provides valuable insight events, work experience and mentoring for students launched their 2018/19 programme at Longfield Academy on Monday 17th September.

Speaking to Year 12 and 13 students, Pathway CTM CEO, Chris McNamara, explained how the scheme works and invited students to opt into using the online platform.


Chris emphasised the importance of students exploring future options and making themselves stand out from the norm by having met potential employers, participated in insight events, exploited gap year opportunities and taken up the offer of expert guidance in applying for posts- something which is of value to both those who might look at University as well as those looking towards an apprenticeship.


One of the most notable areas discussed was the opportunities offered by degree apprenticeships. Students will also be able to access telephone mentoring and support with applications, C.V’s and interviews through participation in the programme.

This was the first launch this year at Leigh Academies Trust with all secondary academies having launch events over the within next two weeks.

Pathway CTM boast an impressive range of high quality business partners