Maidstone Academies – Molehill, Oaks and Tree Tops Primaries had some very excited pupils, as Year 4 and 5 were recently given the opportunity to visit Kidzania in London.


Kidzania is a children’s interactive city combining inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play.  Leigh Academies Trust fully funded the visit as a way of introducing children to a range of potential career paths.  The children were able to independently explore over 60 exciting careers and try them out – ranging from news reporting to multi-drop delivery and air conditioning engineering to university.


Many of the children left Kidzania with a much more focused idea of what they would like to be when they are older.

“I didn’t know before today that I wanted to be an animator, but now I do!”.


Following the visit, year 5 are taking part in their annual writing week with a focus on their experiences at Kidzania and both years 4 and 5 will be completing work on the idea of employment.

To enable the pupils to embed their leaning, external business partners came in before, and after, the visit to speak to the pupils about what their jobs involve on a daily basis.