Nicola Coppen, Managing Director of Diligence Project Managers, enlightened Post 16 students at Longfield Academy on how to tackle studies as a project. Using project management expertise, she stressed the importance of planning and setting objectives – having a pattern will help with a student’s least favourite subjects as well as their best.

Nicola went on to relate the course of her career path and how she had dealt with difficult situations. Again, she stressed that in the world of work there are no second chances and that everyone is responsible for themselves. A key message to students was “Your brain WANTS to work, let it help you”


Nicola commented:

“We would like to thank Longfield Academy for inviting us to take part in a business mentoring presentation.  The future generations are very important to Diligence.  We hope that some of the tips and suggestions from the presentation will help the students  to think about the way in which they can ‘fine tune’ their skills – to gain success in academic results, application for further education, apprenticeships or work placements.

Showing how revision is a part of day-to-day work life, albeit disguised, should be something the participants can understand and how some small aspects of their conduct and ‘being prepared’ can set them apart from the rest.

Diligence are proud to take part in business mentoring and presentations for education in our community and hope that those attending the events feel their time is well spent (even if they don’t tell one another!).


Thank you to Nicola for her valuable time and effort