Year 12 students at Wilmington Academy participated in Routes into Training on the 24th of January.

Local Business

Local business guests from a range of industries began by giving students a series of short presentations on their company and then proceeded to elaborate upon the types of training and career progression available to those entering their industry.

During the presentations, it was interesting to discover the business links between those participating and for students to understand the many areas of commonality between them. Many visitors elaborated upon the differing careers available within their company and stressed the types of personal attributes that students would need to possess to pursue them.

routes into training 2

John Lewis Partnership


Taking a break after the presentations, students then returned to the lecture theatre to participate in a carousel of stands where they were able to visit each participant organisation to talk on a one to one basis and ask further career related questions.

routes into training 3  routes into training 4

Stylebrands                                           The Electrical Contractors Association

routes into training 5  routes into training 6

Digital Skills Solutions UK                                   A4G

routes into training 7  routes into training 8

Army Careers                                                         Kentec Electronics


“Thank you for asking us to attend Routes in Training. This was our first time and found it very interesting and to be able to see how we can offer to help young people with in our area. We are looking forward to the next one.”   Scott Venus, Kentec Electronics

“Thanks for inviting us – it was great to meet with the students and hear about their future ambitions.  They were really engaged and enthusiastic, it was a pleasure to meet them.”   Kate Boyd, John Lewis Partnership

routes into training 9

Sincere thanks to:

A4G- www.a4g-llp.co.uk

Army Careers- www.army.mod.uk/careers

Digital Skills UK – www.digitalskillsuk.com

ECA- www.eca.co.uk

Electrosonic- www.electrosonic.co.uk

John Lewis Partnership – www.johnlewispartnership.co.uk

Kentec Electronics – www.kentec.co.uk

Style Brands – www.stylebrands.co.uk