Thank you to Jono Erodotou, owner of  S.E Medical for coming to Strood Academy to talk to year 10 Health and Social Care students. As well as providing training, the company provides private medical cover for events and Jono explained about the many events and situations that the company has helped with over the years. Working with a mixed team of up to 20 people at a time including first responders, doctors and anesthetists the variety of events attended is extensive. Students very much appreciated his anecdotes!

Moving onto his own career path, Jono explained that he began his own journey as a youth worker and then moved over to become initially, an emergency care support worker and then trained further to become an ambulance technician. The standard progression in this field is from emergency care support worker to ambulance technician and then to paramedic.

When asked about the type of qualities required for such roles, Jono commented that caring and empathy is essential as well as communication. Although he very much enjoys his job and finds it rewarding, he stated that the job can be frustrating at times and that black humour, as with many of the emergency services, is a way of life in dispelling stress. 

Students listened avidly to Jono’s stories of his working life and asked many questions. Sincere thanks for some extremely interesting and enlightening information.