Marc Lemezma, Communications Consultant ( ) recently ran a series of speaking and listening workshops for year 11 students at The Leigh UTC.  The three one hour sessions covered the importance of effective communication skills especially in relation to careers and employment.

Areas explored included the management of the emotional aspects of speaking in public; how to plan, write and deliver an effective presentation as well understanding the value of taking and understanding questions. Students also learnt how to evaluate their own presentations as well as those of their peers.

Sophie Dickinson, Teacher of English, thanked Marc saying  In March, the students will need to stand in front of a group of their peers to give a short presentation on a topic of their choice and will then need to answer questions. The biggest obstacle for them is the fear of looking stupid in front of others and this could really hold them back. The workshops helped them to develop confidence and in allowing them to formulate ideas was a really useful starting point- thank you”