First Year Review

Business mentors from Strood Academy met recently to review the first year the mentoring scheme at the academy.  15 mentors and 24 students completed the year with the overall evaluation being that the scheme had met its objectives and benefitted the students who took part.

Lead teacher, Mrs Spry summarised the scheme as follows:

“Students met their mentor every three to four weeks.  The initial meeting decided on the focus of the meetings e.g. personal, academic or both.  This changed accordingly once the student and mentor became more familiar with each other and then they decided at each meeting what would be discussed.  Many of the mentors prepared resources to help students identify their skills and look at careers to match their strengths and academic progress.

All mentors were given a training session on how to set up and implement an effective mentoring program. The mentoring programme was reviewed through the year to make any changes or discuss issues/successes and a final review meeting was held.

Students were asked a set of questions and then an open question to allow them the opportunity of stating what they wanted to improve, what they enjoyed and any message they would like to give to their mentor that was relayed to their mentor at the final meeting.”


The results of the set questions are as follows:

I am clear about my current projected grades: 100%
I am on track to achieve my target grades: 89%
I know what my Post 16 pathway/future education or training will be 100%
I have researched and am aware of different career opportunities 100%
I often discuss my learning and my future with my parent/carer 94%
I have a good awareness of ‘current affairs’ and the wider world 74%
I take an active part in extra-curricular/local/national activities 58%
I have enjoyed the opportunity of talking with an external person who is not connected with school 100%
I have found the mentor has been able to give me advice in relation to matters outside of school 89%
I have found working with a Business Mentor to prove beneficial to my future career prospects 89%


“It was also evident that many of students had formed a very good relationship with their mentors.  Five students attended the Medway Courts with one of the mentors as they had expressed an interest in a career in law.  This was very successful and culminated in opportunities of work experience. One student was offered work experience in a solicitor’s office.  One student has also been offered work experience in the care profession which he intends to take up in the summer.

As part of the business mentoring program a number of initiatives were set up that Year 11 as a whole could access.  One of the mentors offered three CV workshops for them to attend which helped them prepare a CV and also offered them advice.”


Mentor Feedback:

Mentors were very positive about the experience and enjoyed the interaction with the students.

Impact of program:


  • Career opportunities – mentors had the skills to be able to highlight routes into career opportunities and options available to students.
  • Skills audit – a number of mentors conducted a skills audit with the students that enabled the student to highlight their strengths and weaknesses which could be used both within school and in the future when making decisions for further education/apprenticeships
  • Students being able to have the opportunity of working with people other than teachers – they enjoyed this as many were able to talk through issues other than academic and were offered support by their mentors.
  • Visits to work places of interest to students that were able to confirm to the students if this was a career path they would like to pursue and the options available in that field
  • The opportunity for students to undertake CV writing and produce a viable CV  – this would aid applications for further education and jobs in the future (even part time whilst studying).
  • Students who undertook the business mentoring scheme felt valued for being selected and had a very positive response from the students who were chosen and others indicated that they would have liked the opportunity of being part of the scheme.


Thank you to our valued mentors and lead teacher, Mrs Spry and administrator, Ms Roberts for a very useful years work.

We look forward to welcoming local businesses that might be interested in participating in the next scheme on September 12th.